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©Présidence de la République/F.Lafite

©Présidence de la République/F.Lafite

May 19th 2016: The Gyrolift was invited to the Élysée for the National Conference of the Handicap in the presence of the president of the Republic Mr. François Hollande.

April 7th 2016: Lambert Trénoras (Gyrolift project leader) won the Innovation young researcher Awards at the Handiversité Symposium organised by the Paris-Saclay University.

April 9th 2016: The Gyrolift project at BFM Business national radio show.

March 25th 2016: The Gyrolift project at the Wikiradio CNRS

March 25th 2016: Lambert Trénoras (Gyrolift project leader) win the first prize of the jury AND the Audience Awards at the PhD-Entrepreneur Awards at the RUE 2016.

October - December 2015: Gyrolift has been selected by MBA Entrepreneurship of HEC Paris students for a support to the realisation of a business plan and a market study.

November 27th 2015 : Lambert Trénoras won the Demenÿ-Vaucanson 2015 award for his research work during his PhD on the Gyrolift.

2013 : The Gyrolift project is laureate in prematuration at the FCS of Paris-Saclay University.