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Our device

Gyrolift is a universal and innovative mobility solution based on the association of a gyropod and a robotics system. It offers its user automatic stabilization, an innovative system of reassurance and an intuitive monitoring system to increase the comfort of mobility. It allows the user to travel both seated as standing with a compact, handy and totally safe solution. It offers its users a mobility solution which address physiological, psychological and autonomy needs, contributing to job preservation and job retention.

The Gyrolift combines personal transporter technoology and vertical functionality to offer a range of benefits to its users, such as:

  • Ability to operate the chair safely in standing or sitting positions, thus allowing improved blood flow, muscle memory, and social insertion,

  • Agile maneuvering, permitting the user to access tight places,

  • Gyroscopic technology allowing near unlimited battery life,

  • Smartphone integration of verticalization technology for ease of use